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Why We Do It

Ultimately, we do this because we believe we can all do something to bring about real change.  We do this because we must do something….. because we belong to the privileged few and because we believe that “with great privilege, comes great responsibility”. We do it because a little compassion, combined with real relationships and strategic planning, can go a long way.  We do this because we have the resources and can make the time to make our dent in the problems facing many of this world.

All that being said and true, there is also a way to do things.  We still have much to learn about helping bring about real change, but we have already learned much from our past experiences and projects.  Out of those lessons we have formed some values that guide our decision-making process and the type of people and organization we want to be.

Guiding Values:

These are the values we weigh when considering a project and who we partner with both in Canada and in Mexico:

We are committed to long-term relationships, and  to long-term solutions.  Our involvement may evolve over time, but we are not interested in  ‘drive-by compassion’.

We are not going to ‘pet the poor’ so we feel good about ourselves.  Our going and involvement is about helping bring about change and hope for those we are working with.  Any resulting good feelings are a natural by-product of helping, not our goal.

We are not going to ‘save the day the gringo way’.  We believe that where there is need, it is usually due to lack of resources and/or opportunity, not initiative or ability.  So where we can, we want to come in and share resources and create opportunities. Then wherever possible, partner with those from that community and work with the initiative and abilities already there.

We will walk humbly and carry a teachable attitude.

We offer compassion without conditions. 

We want to focus on under-resourced projects first.  We are looking for  situations where if certain organizations or individuals weren’t there, nothing would be happening – and partner with them.

Our learning will be ongoing, but this is our starting point and the filters we will use as we move ahead.