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Who We Are

One Corner Compassion Projects

One Corner Compassion Projects is made up of a group of individuals from Kelowna who have all been involved in compassion projects in Mexico for the past 8 years.  Out of those experiences was birthed a desire to focus exclusively on finding ways to more effectively make long-term impacts and help create long-lasting change.  Using the relationships we have in Mexico, and the connections we have in Canada, we want to bridge the gap between needs and resources.

One Corner operates with the understanding that most people/organizations truly want to be able to make a difference in some corner of the world, but don’t have the vehicle or tools to make that happen.  We know that organizations want to establish a unique Corporate Social Responsibility that can create some significant change that focuses on a particular area of interest and passion.  We have talked to many individuals who want a deeper experience for themselves or their families than just another trip to the beach.  We constantly hear people say, when they discover some of what we are involved in, “When is your next trip?”

One Corner is an incorporated non-profit organization with no religious affiliation.  Although much good is done through many religious organizations, many businesses cannot align themselves with or donate to a specific religious organization.  Many churches offer compassion trip opportunities, but there are countless people outside of the church sphere who also want to be able to contribute and share these types of experiences, but don’t have the same opportunities or desire to join these trips.

We want to be there to help guide and direct organizations, groups, families, and individuals in being able to make some real and long-lasting change in at least one corner of the world.

Scott Klassen

Scott was born in Quito, Ecuador where he lived for 12 of his first 15 years and where his worldview was permanently shaped and where he was wrecked for a ‘normal’ life. He has spent many years working primarily with youth and young adults in a church context in Canada, and lived and taught English in Mexico for three years.

During the last 6 years he has been in Mexico multiple times every year developing and coordinating a variety of trips and building a growing network of partners and connections.  His background has given him a fluency in Spanish and an ease in Latin culture that helps quickly build solid relationships that turn into partnerships.

Scott’s greatest desire is to be a bridge between those who want to make a difference and those who just need a hand and an opportunity.  He is happiest when he’s spending time with his two children, Diego and Diante, and when he’s in Mexico.

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