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Where We Work

Currently, our projects are all located in Mexico. While formerly working with a church, Scott has been going down to Northern Baja California and the regions around Ensenada for the last 7 years building relationships, exposing many people to Mexico and the needs that exist there, and developing various projects. One Corner is now building new relationships in central Mexico, as Scott reconnects with past contacts from when he lived there and explores new partnerships.

Scott and Que Pues 2.jpgOne Corner’s founder, Scott Klassen, lived and worked in Mexico for 3 years, and developed a love for the people and a strong connection to the country. It is this passion for the people of Mexico, combined with his comfort level with the Latin culture and Spanish language, that fuels One Corner’s focus on Mexico today.

However, the long-term vision of One Corner is to make a difference wherever we are uniquely positioned to do so; where we are best able to bridge resources and needs. So we will gladly embrace projects and partnerships that extend beyond Mexico when the timing is right.


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