One Corner Compassion Projects compassion projects

What We Do

One Corner Compassion Projects exists to be a bridge between the needs of individuals and organizations primarily in Mexico and the resources of individuals and organizations in Canada.

One Corner Compassion Projects will achieve this through the following activities:

  1. Compassion Projects
    • Locating existing projects and organizations in Mexico that have need of resources.
    • Connecting those projects/organizations with individuals and organizations in Canada that want to play an active role in developing said projects.
    • Creating and developing new projects in areas that are not already being over-resourced.
    • Coordinating and managing the projects we start or connections we establish.
  2. Channeling Donations
    • Channeling funds from individuals, organizations, and businesses in Canada who want a more specific focus to their charitable giving, to pre-existing organizations that suit their goals.
    • Channeling individuals, organizations, and businesses in Canada to projects we have created and/or are developing.
  3. Compassion Travel
    • Organizing experiential compassion trips to serve in the projects we are connected to for:
      • Organizations/Business representatives
      • Groups of adults
      • Families
      • Student groups
      • Individuals