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Reading Rooms in Mexico City – In Development


Build reading rooms for children in isolated areas in and around Mexico City.

Project Details:

We have created a bridge between Bounty Cellars Winery in Kelowna (, and PVO Mexico ( , a non-profit organization in Mexico City.  They focus on building reading rooms in areas where children are isolated: be it rural settings, orphanages or pediatric hospitals.  Bounty Cellars has committed to building at least one reading room this year by designating a percentage of the profits from the sales of one of their labels of wine.  Ron Pennington, the owner of Bounty Cellars, is enthusiastically creating ways to raise money to get these reading rooms built as soon as possible.  To that end, Scott is going down in June to visit the reading rooms already built and to see the next proposed sites. 

Dates: June 11-18 scouting trip

Cost: $5,000.00 for renovated site; $10,000.00 for newly constructed site.

Click here for pictures from our June 2011 Project Development Trip

Project Ajusco – On hold


Provide sports equipment and educational resources for the development of a community centre in Ajusco, D.F., Mexico, Nucleos Juveniles.

Project Details:

Raul Lahud Quiroz, is a gentleman we have come to know, who owns some property in the town of Ajusco, just south of Mexico City. During the last year, he has begun to open up his property to the children who live around him, all of whom come from homes with very few resources. He decided to make a soccer field and invite the children to come and play ‘futbol’.

That humble beginning has evolved into opportunities he has created to train the children in soccer; offer martial arts training; and to invite a local teacher to come after school to provide instruction in music, arts and computer skills.

We want to help him develop his vision of a community centre that offers children sports, recreation and educational opportunities they wouldn’t otherwise have access to. We want to provide sports equipment, computers, and the resources to hire local teachers and coaches.

Dates: August 4-7, 2009, then ongoing support.
Approximate cost: $3500.00

Project AMANC kids – Completed!


Run a sports and recreation camp for teens with cancer.

Project Details:

We are partnering with an organization in Mexico called AMANC (the Mexican Association for the Assistance of Children with Cancer) that works to provide care and medication for underprivileged children and teenagers who have cancer in various regions of Mexico. We are bringing the kids from the state of Queretaro, to a small town south of Mexico City. In that town of Ajusco, we are working with an individual who owns some property that he is developing into a sports and education centre for the underserved kids from his community.

We are giving the children and teens that AMANC is caring for, a chance to leave the stress of dealing with their cancer behind for a few days. We will be planning a few days of soccer, martial arts, basketball, horseback riding activities and training, as well as take them to a fantastic waterpark in Cuernavaca.

We are currently raising money to bring the kids from Queretaro to this place in Ajusco; for the necessary medical staff to care for them; for the supplies needed for the recreation activities; for the food and lodging costs; and for the expenses of the Mexican staff running the camp.

Dates: August 4-7, 2009
Approximate cost: $5000.00