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How You Can Help

1. Identify a project that you want to be involved with.

2. Consider what type of involvement you want to have.

a. Donate some money towards a specific project.

Make your cheques payable to One Corner Compassion Projects. Our federal tax number is pending, and will be ready come tax time. You can also use your Visa with our secure Pay Pal service. Just click the ‘Donate Now’ button.

b. Go and have a hands-on experience.

Send us an email expressing what project you are interested in going to participate with, and we will begin to dialogue about what that could look like for you. Let us know as well if you are going on your own, or if you will be coming with anyone else.

c. Raise some money to go towards one or more projects.

Maybe you can’t go at this time, and you don’t really have much extra cash on hand, but you still want to help. We are always looking to partner with those who have a fund-raising idea of their own, or to help us with the fund-raising events we are planning. You know what they say about many hands!

3. Create a new project.

You, or your organization, may really be interested in a particular type of change that you want to be involved with, and we may not currently have a project that has that focus yet.  Contact us, and let us know your passion, and together let’s figure out how and where we could initiate something new that is in line with that.