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Give a house for Christmas?

October 19th, 2009

So I heard about this project the Mexican government is running for its most marginalized people, called “Tu Casa”. Basically it works like this: If a family in Mexico is living in poverty, but are able to come up with $1000.00 pesos – the federal government will pitch in $40,000.00 pesos, and the municipal government will put in the balance necessary to build a 25 sq metre home for that family.

So I did the quick online exchange math and figured out that it comes to just over $130.00 (Cdn dollars) for a family in Mexico to have a solid, dry, new home!!! $130.00 dollars!!! How many ways can you put that into perspective for yourself?

So, I’m just confirming some details with a contact down in Mexico, but have the idea that we find a way to give 50 families new homes for Christmas! That’s a pretty sweet give!

I will keep you posted, but if you are already interested, please reply to this post letting me know that, and let’s get some families inside for Christmas!

Love…..peace…..caring. (by Dia)

October 17th, 2009

Me,my brother,and my mom were watching our favorite show then all of a sudden I get up go get some paper and markers and start writing.This is what I wrote…Wuv, luv,love whatever you want to call it or however you want to spell it still means the same thing.
….Peace. One word, yes, but it means a lot. Helping others and getting along is the sign of ….caring.
…caring can be anything from helping others to being nice.

There have been lots of wars in the world, and I don’t know if there is a war happening right now! I feel sorry for all those soldiers that had families waiting but didn’t get to see them again, some only had a picture, and some didn’t! For all those people who died in wars, I’m sorry to you and your families. (Diante, age 9)

Dia’s thoughts about the camp….

October 17th, 2009

I think that going to the camp was sooo cool.There were a couple girls
there who weren’t from the camp three older girls, and three younger girls who were about my age they were 6,7,and8. Their names were,Nicole,Fernanda,And Michelle.The campers were really nice too.
There were only 3 boys and a lot of girls.I loved the camp but most of all I LOVED going to Mexico.I think that the camp was a great experience for all of us,because the campers got to do things they probably won’t ever be able to do again. (Diante Klassen, age 9)