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Feed your discontent

November 17th, 2010

Not an original line but one I love and consciously try and integrate into my life. The idea is to figure out what is it in this world that disturbs you…that bothers you with its injustice….something that you wish you could address or change somehow. Maybe it’s poverty and homelessness close to home….maybe it’s an environmental issue….child labour….lack of water or education or basic health and medicine….Whatever it is, one tendency is to hide from it because we don’t feel like we can really do anything about it. It’s easy to look away and let all the other competing voices and priorities in our world pull us away.

Another option is to ‘feed’ that discontent….consciously do things that keep that issue in your mind. Read about the issue…watch documentaries….connect with individuals and groups that are trying to make a difference…volunteer in some capacity….intentionally dream about the possibilities….start saving some holiday time and some money and get exposed to the issue in a tangible way…or give to a project that you know about.

But don’t starve your discontent till it slowly dies ….. feed it so you are compelled to act!

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