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Give a house for Christmas?

October 19th, 2009

So I heard about this project the Mexican government is running for its most marginalized people, called “Tu Casa”. Basically it works like this: If a family in Mexico is living in poverty, but are able to come up with $1000.00 pesos – the federal government will pitch in $40,000.00 pesos, and the municipal government will put in the balance necessary to build a 25 sq metre home for that family.

So I did the quick online exchange math and figured out that it comes to just over $130.00 (Cdn dollars) for a family in Mexico to have a solid, dry, new home!!! $130.00 dollars!!! How many ways can you put that into perspective for yourself?

So, I’m just confirming some details with a contact down in Mexico, but have the idea that we find a way to give 50 families new homes for Christmas! That’s a pretty sweet give!

I will keep you posted, but if you are already interested, please reply to this post letting me know that, and let’s get some families inside for Christmas!

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