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Love…..peace…..caring. (by Dia)

October 17th, 2009

Me,my brother,and my mom were watching our favorite show then all of a sudden I get up go get some paper and markers and start writing.This is what I wrote…Wuv, luv,love whatever you want to call it or however you want to spell it still means the same thing.
….Peace. One word, yes, but it means a lot. Helping others and getting along is the sign of ….caring.
…caring can be anything from helping others to being nice.

There have been lots of wars in the world, and I don’t know if there is a war happening right now! I feel sorry for all those soldiers that had families waiting but didn’t get to see them again, some only had a picture, and some didn’t! For all those people who died in wars, I’m sorry to you and your families. (Diante, age 9)

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    Fro Says:

    WOW!!!! You need to be proud of that girl that is amazing, first the quality of writing (I am in college and I don’t write that good)and that she has a heart like that. Who ever her dads is must be a great man ;)

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