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Trip update July 10/09

July 10th, 2009

Finally winding down…..last night in Mexico City, staying at a friend´s home before taking the 3am taxi to the airport. But will be phoning for a different kind of ride this time :)

It´s been a packed but productive trip. Too many details, so will just hit some highlights:

- met with some young Mexican professionals, who are raising money among their friends, to send the teens who will be at our camp, to a water park in Cuernavaca for a day.

- met with another couple, who just lost their business so are unable to help financially. However, they both sing in a well-known choir in Mexico City. They came up with the idea to hold a benefit concert in the new year, with all proceeds going to One Corner projects. They arranged a meeting with the director, who agreed and looks like they will be performing a concert in February in one of many beautiful churches in Mexico City.

- spent a lot of time with the couple who are hosting the teens who are coming to their camp, and am just impressed with their desire to help, to disrupt their lives and property for a week, giving us free rein :) to their horses, quads, living space…

They will be doing much of the purchasing and organizing before we get there.

- Have spoken to a few other individuals from different parts of the country, who are willing to come and give some motivational and encouraging talks to these teens who are battling cancer.

- The buy-in by people from here who want to help both now and in the future with this and other projects has just been incredible.

- Spent 3 days visiting Aguascalientes, and more importantly a municipality called El Llano, to assess the needs of the 150 communities represented. Through some fortuitous events, managed to have a meeting with the Municipal President, who laid out for us what he sees are the priorities for his community, and where the official budget he has to work with falls drastically short.

- He was very humble and in a bit of shock that we would find his community and extend the willingness and desire to help where we can. We have some incredible opportunities to help bring about some long-term change to this community, in the areas of employment, medical services and education.

I really couldn´t be more pleased and just continue to extend the opportunity for you to jump in and join us! We still need to raise money for this camp for these teens, so please contact me if you want to contribute. Thanks!

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