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“We know we can’t change the whole world, but we can change One Corner of it!”

One Corner Compassion Projects is a non-profit organization that exists to be a bridge between resources here in Canada, and needs in Mexico. We believe that most people want to help make a difference, but don’t always know how or where to do that. We want to help guide those people and connect them to current projects or work with them to create a new project in an area that they are passionate about!

What we do:

  1. We provide opportunities for compassion travel – taking people to Mexico to have a hands-on experience with one of the projects we are involved in.
  2. We channel donations and resources to our partners for projects that are currently in progress.
  3. We create new projects and develop new partnerships as the desire and need surface.

Where we work:

We are currently focusing our efforts in Mexico because of the relationships we have built over the years there. Currently we are building Reading Rooms outside of Mexico city; working with a deaf school, a migrant camp and a couple of orphanages in northern Baja California; with an organization that works with kids who have cancer in the city of Queretaro; and with an individual providing sports and educational opportunities to some disadvantaged children in his community of Ajusco, south of Mexico City.

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